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Service Center
After-Sales Service Items:
1.Provide client with the best warehouse design scheme.
2.Company assuring that no configuration, design, technics and material fault existing in the equipment provided, all components manufactured with brand-new material and perfect technics.
3.Installation begins after installation workers check the goods the same day goods arrive.
4.Installation group work according to the installation diagram directed by the head, the head will negotiate with the client to achieve appropriate installation if disagreement occurs.
5.After installation, the head submit it to client, the client check it, if it is qualified, workers come back to company to turn in installation report.
Maintenance & Check Items:
1.Check the use and depreciation of shelf.
2.Check if the pole, beam is deformed or shattered.
3.Check the integrity of securing pin, whether the overall safety factor decreased.
4.Check bolt and other components and see whether they need to be replaced.
5.Checker fill the check report form and leave one for client.
Project Management Promise
Project Flow:
We implement project management system, a certain clerk serves every client. The project manager is responsible for negotiating with client to solve problems and get service for he.
Project Management:
1.According to the project flow, a certain person manages every step.
2.The design department design shelf according the requirements and give the manufacturing assignment order.
3.The manufacturing department receives the order and starts manufacturing, and do random check.
4.The quality control department checks the quality at random in the manufacturing process, and make selecting check after the manufacturing.
5.The goods was packed and sent to warehouse and then to the installation place.
6.The head of installation group directed workers to install according to the installation diagram provided by the design department.
7.The quality control department must check the installation quality while installing, and careful check must be conducted after the installation.
1.Implement the company rules seriously; meet the required product, installation quality.
2.The head of department answers for the project manager, and project manager answers for the client.

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