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Light-duty Racks
Medium-duty Racks
Heavy-duty Crossbeam Racks
Mobile Racks
Through Racks
Cantilever Racks
Moveable Racks
Drawer Racks
Loft Racks, Platforms
Loft Racks
Automatic multi-storeyed warehouses
Automatic multi-storeyed warehouses
Service position tools
Steel Trays(involuted plate trays,corrugated plate trays)
Anticipate box
warehousing cages
  Wall plate frames
  Plastic trays
  Plastic reusable containers
  Roller conveyor frames
  Net Cote
  Electric stackers
  Platform cars
  Hydraulically driven trailers
  Production lines
 About Us

    NanJing Wellmade Racking Manufactory CO., LTD. is a high-tech type business enterprise that profession be engaged in the industry shelf with the work an implemental design, produce and install.
   The shelf processes the craft mature, adopt a quantity for of Perpendicular shearing, in general use type material press machine, high accuracy appropriation shelf type material Press machine, number controlling steel taking consecution hurtling bore, half automatically welding, static electricity powder automatically spraying plastics etc. several production lines producing, and strictly according to related and national standard and business enterprise standards organizing putting, into practice establishing rising from the production ,installing after-sales service first the whole set guarantee the system .
   Company is logistics the whole programming etc. aspect that you choose the type from the most basic and simple shelf, installing to whole factory area, the area of warehouse to provide the all-directions service.
   Choice WELLMADE, Choice trust.

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